Stanferd Philpot

About me


Coach Stanferd Philpot (coach Stan) specializes in strength and conditioning with both athletes and general clients.  using a unique 360 approach to training that extendss outside of the gym to ultimately improve the overall quality of life.

Stanferd has a B.A. in Sport Management with an understudy in Sports Science. He is a certified personal trainer as well as a certified corrective exercise specialist.

Standferd teaches the fundamentals of weight training, which include proper technique, breathing habits, and position when performing each particular movement. He teaches clients to perform compound weight training movement safely and effectively.

“ I get enjoyment out of seeing people achieve things that at one time they believed was impossible. My goal is to help build the strongest version of each and every person I work with, one workout and one meal at a time.” Coach Stan is a former NCAA football player as well as a 2x NPC national qualifier, making him no stranger to the grind.

When Stanferd is not training clients, writing programs, or working out, you can find him coaching his son’s youth football teams or at home with the grill lit and Georgia sports is on the TV