What is it?

Date night is a special night we offer to parents. Parents can leave their children with us, and leave the building for a fun night out. We will care for your children, and offer dinner as well.

date night photo


  • Date night is every Friday from 4-8 pm.
  • Date night must be registered with the front desk no later than Thursday before 8 pm
  • You must pay the fee in advance, and save the receipt. Parents can only drop off a child that has been registered.
  • Parents must confirm the phone number on file in the event of any issues.
    If a child cannot have pizza, we ask a meal/snack be provided for the child by the parent.
  • All Other general Kids Club rules apply except for the 2-hour maximum time limit.  

How to get tickets?

Choose a date below by clicking on the event, once you checkout a ticket will be emailed to you, bring that ticket with you upon check-in for entry.


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