Alexis Ashe

Crossroad Fitness changed my life!

I first began to struggle with my weight ten years ago. Between having kids, hormonal issues, genetics, always being on the go, no nutritional knowledge, or any idea how to work out… it was the perfect storm for obesity.   I reached a point where I wasn’t “me” anymore.  I didn’t have the energy to run around with my kids.  Simple tasks like getting up my stairs left me winded.   And then one day, the scale said 325lbs.

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Partner Training

Get all the benefits of using a personal trainer while reducing costs by exercising with friends

A separate plan will be designed for each member based on their fitness goals, previous injuries, and health considerations. The personal trainer working with the partners will design workouts for each member at his/her own pace. Therefore when different goals are needed, the partners are appropriately challenged during training sessions.

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Group Training

Success Loves Company.

Team exercise will increase your efficiency by providing a sense of responsibility, and you will find yourself working harder in a vibrant atmosphere. In addition, being surrounded by like-minded members will increase your motivation and inspiration.

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